Alex Witty holding mobile and a trainer

Walk this way: creating renewable energy from footsteps

We’ve all been there. You’re on a train, lost trying to navigate, or FaceTiming a friend and… your phone dies.

What do you do if you have no way of charging it? Alex Witty, a University of Brighton alum has the answer: The Piezo Project. The Piezo Project is a renewable energy technology that when integrated into footwear, harnesses the power generated by your footsteps to provide charge for your mobile device while you’re on the move.

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back of student using flight simulator at a pilot training centre

A flying visit for our aerospace engineering students

Our aerospace engineering students enjoyed a flying visit to a professional aviation pilot training centre recently!

FTA Global, based locally at Shoreham Airport, talked students from across all aerospace engineering year groups about routes to becoming a private pilot, or even a professional career pilot as an option after completing their aeronautical engineering studies.

The trip was fun and informative, student got to see first hand the flight planning and operations room, the opportunity to sit in different aircrafts, use the flight simulator and visit the maintenance hangar.

We’re lucky to have Shoreham Airport and FTA Global on our doorstep!