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My first year so far

Minas Fakhori is one of the first year Computer Science BSc(Hons) students that took part in the latest Codefest, a monthly software development event that brings together students, industry experts and the latest technologies in computer science.

Here is what he said about his year so far:

“AI is going to be a huge field in the future, and that’s why I  chose University of Brighton. University of Brighton focuses on AI while keeping the modules diverse enough to enter a different field if you chose to. The reason I chose Computer Science, is that I always had a passion for coding and making things, I find problem-solving exciting and Computer Science has all those aspects in it.

At Brighton they give you freedom. Web development is about creativity, and that’s what University of Brighton lets you do. You get the freedom to make your website look how you want it, and you know how you are marked on it, through the rubric.

Also, the support is really good at Brighton, there are support staff that check up on you to see if you are okay. And the teachers really want everyone to pass, you could see this in their teaching styles and the help they provide. They are really up-to date with tech news such as Crypto and NFT’s.

My favourite module so far is Artificial Intelligence. I find it so impressive how we can make machines learn through maths. AI has a lot of problem-solving which is what really interests me.

The course I am doing has been a mixture of working from home and in-person, this changed my student experience as I don’t get to go in the lecture rooms.

The tips I would pass on is:

  • Having a clean desk with minimum distractions
  • Have a group chat with everyone that is studying the same course, so you feel less alone in lectures, and get help when you need it.”

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