New faculty appointment-Dave Halliwell

Hi all

My name is Dave Halliwell and I have taken on supporting the Simulation Programme here at BSMS – and will be sharing thought / ideas and knowledge about clinical simulation and its wider educational ethos. I am working with a great team – led by Dr Wesley Scott–Smith.

I have an unusual background and interest in Simulation and the wider concept of Reality.

I am a great fan of the concept of #FOAMed – Free Online access to Medical Education – and would strongly recommend the concept of joining the #FOAMed community via Twitter. The aim of #Foam is to share ideas, knowledge, resources – and as we have seen via the use of Twitter that we can access many of the thought leaders directly. I never really understood Twitter prior to my involvement with the community, but it’s actually a great way to keep up to date.

–          A review of  the FOAMed concept  –

Some key international names – on Twitter to get you started… Please try and follow these few people – look at who they talk to –  and maybe follow them.

John Gatward – @jgatward

Chris Nickson – @precordialthump

Victoria Brazil – @SocraticEM

Jesse Spurr – @inject_orange

Debra Nestel – @DebraNestel

One of my favourite podcast sites and websites with links to global  thought leaders is the Simulation Podcast  –

As a final thought for this first introductory email – the hyperlink below is an example of the quality of debate you can enjoy in the FOAMed world – this podcast shows just much scrutiny the simulation community puts itself through.

The question being discussed – is there any difference between students who replace 10% of their clinical practice time in simulation with those who spend 50% of their time engaged in clinical sim?

Please take 20 minutes to listen to the Podcast and the subsequent discourse…

Victoria Brazil –

I will start to regularly share some of the ideas and resources we have available to us from the simulation community

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