‘The Use of Simulated Patients in Healthcare Education’ Workshop: 17/5/16

The ‘Use of Simulated Patients in Healthcare Education‘ Workshop took place on the 17th May 2016, with a large number practitioners from a variety of backgrounds attending. Becky Simpson, Managing Director of Playout Communications and Presentation Training Company, assisted in a well received day of learning.

Those attending provided qualitative and quantitative feedback; a selection of the former are shown below.

“Really helpful tips on how best to approach simulation and how to make it beneficial for individual learners”
“The emphasis on the benefits of using simulated patients, for example, addressing the multi-level learning ambitions of learners was excellent”
“Really useful to gain understanding of how the OSCE process works with training of simulated patients and how to keep this consistent and reliable”
“Brilliant afternoon and great ideas to take back to practice”

Also shown below is a figure with the collated quantitative feedback scores, rated on a Likert Scale, for the sessions delivered during the day.


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