Feedback and Debriefing in Simulation Based Education Workshop: Student Evaluation (25th March ’15)

The ‘Feedback and Debriefing in Simulation Based Education‘ Workshop took place on the 25th March 2015 with 14 practitioners from a variety of backgrounds attending.

Those attending provided qualitative and quantitative feedback; a selection of the former are shown below.

“Thought the use of the website was a great idea – learnt a lot from watching the scenarios and how reflection by the observer can draw out needs/analysis and how to use this in the following discourse.”

“Brilliant – allowed exposure to participate which makes connection to clinical experience & reduced the myths of how challenging debrief is.”

“Excellent day. As a junior in this field I learnt a great deal from faculty & colleagues. Thanks”

Also shown is a figure with the collated quantitative feedback scores, rated on a Likert Scale, for the sessions delivered during the day.


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