ASPiH 2014 (Nottingham)

Simulation activity across the hub was represented by following oral presentations at ASPiH this year, focussing upon “Changing Behaviours”;

  • Chris Bruce provided a synopsis of work completed so far by the QWRP team, ‘Using simulation to deliver an educational programme promoting multiprofessional team working’.
  • Martin Parry presented his Masters dissertation on ‘ Promoting exploratory discourse within post-simulation debriefs’ with its wider application to all forms of simulation
  • Rob Galloway (presented by E Stewart-Parker), ‘Developing non-technical skills through patient simulation; designing a cousre to improve patient safety’.
  • Amit Mishra presented ‘The Kent, Surrey and Sussex Children’s collaboration project’

Posters wthout presentations:

Natalie Farmer (BSMS student) and Rosie Pawley, ‘A service evaluation of simulation training in postgraduate and undergraudate medical education’.

Kevin Barrett, ‘Simulation in multidisciplinary environments: developments in clinical education’.