Date 1/3: Monday 13th May | 13.00-16.00 @ Explore Studio (Checkland D132), Falmer Campus – Sign-up

Date 2/3: Thursday 16th May | 13.00-16.00 @ Explore Studio (Checkland D132), Falmer Campus – Sign-up

Date 3/3: Thursday 6th June | 13.00-16.00 @ Explore Studio (Checkland D132), Falmer Campus – Sign-up

During the event

This event will involve some group work and discussion. Timings are included below, these may be adjusted based on the needs of the group in attendance.

  • Block 1 (Duration 45 mins): will find out what you are doing already and look at planning/activity strategies for building scenarios with students. We will wrap up by briefly reflecting on your discipline-specific ideas for taking scenario-based learning forward. This will involve group work.
  • Block 2 (Duration 45 mins): will be based around tables, each table will be run by an LTA who will have some technology/examples to show. You will be given an opportunity to demo different technologies we have on offer. This will involve moving around the room.
  • [Break – 10 mins]
  • Block 3 (Duration 20 mins): will be back as a big group and will discuss and reflect on what we have learned and what to take forward. We will have a think about your initial ideas and which tools might be most suited to achieve your goals.
  • Block 4 (Duration 45 mins): this section will focus on Virtual Reality (VR). We will look at ready-made apps and materials that you can use with VR. There will be demos, opportunities to try out equipment and you can ask the LTAs questions and talk through your ideas.

We will provide:

  • Wheelchair friendly access to the Explore Studio
  • Eduroam Wi-Fi access and guest Wi-Fi for external attendees
  • Gender-neutral toilet nearby
  • Adjustable lighting
  • Quiet space

We can provide: 

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