5th Oct 21

In the Ditchling museum there is a display that shows the creative process for a book called The Giant Jam Sandwich, it has a block of text that details Vernon talking about his child hood memories of eating jam sandwiches at picnics and using unwanted bits of sandwich to draw away attention from wasps. 

I like how these stories help make his work more relatable as very one can relate to having pickings in parks and avoiding wasps also the symbol of jam sandwich is very English and also working class as it is cheep 

In the cabinet are some rough thumbnail sketches of Vernon’s plan for his book, next to them there are some more refined pencil drawings of each page, on these pages you can see the outline of what’s on the other side, also there are random spots of colour. I think The messiness in the drawings makes the viewer understand Vernon’s excitement for telling this story.

In the museum there is also is a big soft jam sandwich that kids can play on, it is made in response to the book by an artist called Emma Carlow, Out of all the things in the museum the big jam sandwich is the most stacking because of its size. 

It invites the viewers to interact with it as there are some cloth wasp wings kids can wear as they jump on the bread and play out the story, the sandwich also has some smaller drops of jam doted around makes the piece less static and gives it life.

it’s interesting to look at the textures of the sandwich and compare it to a real sandwich, the bread part is shiny and smooth, this is contrasted with the jam which is made of fabric, it is strange when you touch the jam and it is sold and not sticky. 

Portrait Tennis


Sep 21

In todays class we had to draw someone how was in front of us with out looking at the page, All the drawings that were produced looked very abstract.

When I draw the person in front of my I tried brake the drawing down by Drawing the darkest part of them (like hair or clothes) with the ink then drawing the rest with of the figure with a pen.

I have concluded that the task is about all about the proses and less about the final pice, the task made me do pen marks that were very free and loose, tasks like these make make my drawing bolder when I draw normally.