Screen Printing Typography

This project started from choosing two contrasting words from a long list. My words were ‘subtraction’ and ‘addition’ The tasks to creatively communicate the meaning of the words using only typography. Producing two A2 posters based on the visual language of the type, through screen printing. One was to be in just black and white…

Book Binding

This task was a follow on project from the collage project. The task was to create a book based upon the quote used in the collage. The quote was “being every mask is a face and behind that a story.” the book I created uses a laser cut mask and two mythical story about people…


This task was to create a poster to communicate a chose quote without using a mac computer. My chosen quote was “behind every mask is a face and behind that a story.” This is my final collage.

A-Level Final Project

Making my professional/ personal portfolio and digging out some only college work. Here is a project I did for my graphic Communication A-Level. A poster for a broadband company who were trying to promote their high speed internet connection. The idea here was that the connection was so fast that you can reach the aliens…

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