Barbecue Pack

When the warm summer sun shines we all love to get together with friends and family for a BBQ. This design challenge was to develop innovative concepts for a pack to hold both food and drink refreshments to take round to a barbecue party in a fun style carton pack.

Taking into consideration these following factors:

Consumer convenience – opening, closing, handling

Innovation – Recognition of good ideas. Creative use of material

Consumer market – relevance to target audience and predicted uses

Display – shelf impact, shape, format and graphics to give good shelf presence

Idea, Research, Target Design, Brand, Construction Final Pack

19 thoughts on “Barbecue Pack

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  2. This barbecue pack looks mouthwatering! Planning a celebration for a friend’s H-1B approval and thinking of incorporating these delicious goodies. Any recommendations on the best barbecue items to celebrate such a milestone?

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