Post date and marks release back to students

Turnitin Service Announcement:
Important information about the post date and marks release back to students


Turnitin anonymous submission points are set to automatically release marks and feedback at the point of the post date; 21 working days after the published deadline. The post date is also the date/time when the work is de-anonymised.


We are now aware that although the marks and de-anonymisation are automated, the synchronisation between the marks/feedback in Turnitin and the corresponding column in the Grade Centre is not automated. Turnitin have confirmed that when using anonymous submission points the marks and feedback need to be synchronised manually. This applies to all anonymous submission points.


To manually synchronise at the point of the post date, a person must click the ‘Sync Grades’ link on each submission point (as shown in the screenshot below). This option is found in the Course Management menu in each module, under Course Tools > Turnitin Assignments.

Screenshot showing the Turnitin Assignments area in a module, a mouse cursor is pointing to 'sync grades'

What happens if grades/feedback are not synchronised?

If manual synchronisation has not taken place, the mark shown in the Grade Centre, which is then shown to some students via ‘My Marks’ may differ from what is shown in the Turnitin Feedback Studio (paper view). Also in some cases students will be unable to access their marks and feedback as the work is shown as ‘needs marking’ in the Grade Centre.


If you have any questions, please contact your school’s listed Learning Technologist.

Turnitin News – 22 October 2018

Turnitin Service was unavailable from 09.37-14.36 – Resolved and confirmed at 15.27

Students and staff cited issues accessing TurnitinUK services this morning for the purposes of eSubmission, marking and also use of the Turnitin Feedback Studio for iPad app. Upon accessing inboxes and submission areas, users received a ‘503’ error. Turnitin Support resolved the issue and notified us at 15.27 on Monday 22nd October.


Turnitin News – 29th August 2018

Issues reported on 29th of August: there were intermittent issues with Turnitin overnight and up until 9:40am. During this time users may have been seen a ‘503’ error and would have been prevented from submitting. This is now resolved.

RESOLVED: 18/09/18
Continuing issues affecting the use of the ‘mark without a submission’ function
At present staff cannot mark in Turnitin if a student submission is not present. Until the issue is resolved you will not be able to use Turnitin to mark without a submission. For more information and advice please see this previous post.

Turnitin News – 25 July 2018

Notice: This issue will affect academic staff and administrative staff who use Turnitin to mark when no submission is present.

On Monday (23/07/18) we reported an issue to Turnitin Support where the option to mark without a submission is no longer available. This issue continues to persist and we have requested an update from Turnitin Support.

How this problem manifests:
From the Turnitin submission inbox when you click on the ‘pencil’ icon in order to mark without a submission, you may initially see a message to confirm that you wish to mark without a submission. After the initial confirmation, the Turnitin Feedback Studio window does not open and each subsequent click on the ‘pencil’ results in a grey loading animated GIF and no further action.

We will update this post as soon as we are notified of a solution. In the meantime if you require an alternative means to mark when no submission is present you can use a manual column in the studentcentral grade centre. If you need to use a rubric with a manual column or require assistance with the use of the studentcentral grade centre tools, please contact your Learning Technologies Adviser.

Instructions for attaching feedback to a manual column:

Turnitin News August – Update on 1st of August at 6pm GMT

On the 1st of August 2017 at around 6pm GMT the document viewer in Turnitin, which is currently where essays are reviewed and marked, will be upgraded to the new Feedback Studio. This change will be implemented across the UK, some British HEIs have moved to the Feedback Studio already, as have HEIs in the United States.

For full details of this change, please visit the eLearning Team Blog where you can read a summary of the changes and view a before-and-after comparison video:

Technical FAQs:

  • Any submission points created prior to the update will transition over, they do not need to be recreated.
  • If some student assignments are marked in the current version, then they can be picked up and moderated in the new version without issue.
  • If QuickMarks are applied to a paper in the current version they will be viewable and editable in the new version they just won’t feature the marker’s initials as they were created prior to that feature being available.
  • The way that students submit to Turnitin via studentcentral will not change.
  • The way that staff create submission points/inboxes and mark work will not change.
  • The route by which students get to their eFeedback in Turnitin via My Grades will not change.
  • Changes for the most part are limited to visual improvements and mobile compatibilty for students. See this blog post for more details.
  • The option to generate a code for the Turnitin for iPad app will be available via the information “(i)” button on the right after the upgrade.

Turnitin will be unavailable from 3pm-9pm on Saturday 5th August

Turnitin have advised us that they will be carrying out maintenance on the service on Saturday 5th August, from 3-9pm. The service will be completely unavailable during this maintenance window (including the Turnitin for iPad app), and we therefore recommend avoiding scheduling submission deadlines to fall within this period.

Tii News: April 2016

Monday, 26 April from 2:10pm – 3:52pm

Studentcentral and Turnitin were affected by authentication issues from 2:10pm – 2:57pm on Monday 26th. During this time, we received a report related to Turnitin that students were prevented by a technical issue from viewing their originality reports after successful submissions. This was reported at 3:32pm by the University of Sussex and was resolved and confirmed by Turnitin at 3:52pm.

Thursday, 28th April from 1:00am – 5:00am

Studentcentral and Turnitin (accessed through our studentcentral integration) were intermittently unavailable due to essential maintenance undertaken to improve studentcentral online tests. The maintenance was completed successfully.

A short report from the Turnitin User Group meeting on 22/04/16

Nick Feather attended the Turnitin user group meeting last Friday and Fiona MacNeill also attended a user interview with Turnitin on Monday 26th. Feedback related to both these meetings is recounted below for your reference. For reference the Feedback Studio is the new name given to the Turnitin Document Viewer; the place where student papers are annotated and the unratified marks are entered. If you are interested in trying out the new Feedback Studio during your next marking cycle, please contact Fiona MacNeill.

  1. The new Turnitin Feedback Studio features multiple marker support
    This is good news in general as each QuickMark features the marker’s initials and when you hover the mouse over the QuickMark it shows a tooltip with the marker’s full name. However there have been concerns raised in relation to this as it is not always appropriate for the markers to be known to each other or the student being marked (depends upon the marking scenario and the context of the assignment). Fiona raised at her meeting, that although this would be a helpful function in many cases, we also need to be able to turn it off if it is not appropriate (e.g. in the case of blind double-marking).
    Initials in Turnitin
  2. PeerMark inclusion in the Turnitin Feedback Studio
    PeerMark is not included in the Feedback Studio at this time. Demand from the Tii userbase may determine whether this part of the eMarking toolset is developed further (please let Fiona or your assigned LTA know if you use PeerMark and have any concerns about this).
  3. Responsive on any device
    The new Feedback Studio will be responsive on any device, which means that once we switch over students will be able to view their feedback on mobile devices. A student facing map is on their roadmap but no definitive date has been set. You can review the Tii roadmap from the top-right hand side of the document viewer (screenshot shown at this page:
  4. Multiple files and assignments
    No support for this yet and it is not a planned feature at this time.
  5. Comments list has been removed from Feedback Studio
    Fiona has been evaluating the new Feeback Studio and noticed that the comments list had been removed. Turnitin have said that there are no plans to reinstate this feature as it wasn’t frequently used, however this is counter to how the document viewer has been used at University of Brighton. Fiona suggested use case scenarios for the comments list to Turnitin on a call with their user experience designers to suggest that this tool was useful from both a student and staff perspective. This may not result in any change, but it was raised as a concern.
  6. The file upload limit is 40Mb
    This has been the case for a while, but worth listing here.

Support requests

  1. Turnitin has been doing a lot to improve their support team in the UK
  2. Turnitin have created a self-service guides site, which is really helpful: if you would like to get a head start on the new feedback studio those help materials can be found here:
  3. Fiona has requested that Turnitin introduce a status log page, for keeping track of the system status in the UK and any issues that have arisen.

Long-term enhancement requests

These are based on Nick’s user group report. We cannot promise when/if they will be available, but some good ideas were proposed.

  • ‘Portfolio’ view for students providing them with an overview of all of their assignment information – Future plan
  • Instructors cannot share the grading forms (Rubrics) for use by others – Plan is to introduce this into Feedback Studio
  • Editing grading forms or deleting old ones without having to remove them from being attached to boxes that are closed – No plan for this at the moment, but suggested