16-07-21 – Disruption to service for My Studies (Blackboard) and Turnitin

At approximately 17:30 on Friday, 16th of July, a data-centre in Amsterdam lost connectivity. This brought down Blackboard across most of the European region.

Blackboard were able to re-enable their data-centre, and services were restored by 19:30 on the 16th, for a total of 2 hours of downtime for the service.

Blackboard has apologised for the issue.

Note that My Studies, and thus Turnitin, were therefore unavailable for two hours on Friday the 16th, and student’s may have encountered problems submitting re-sits or other assessments during that outage.

08/06/21: Disruption to services nationwide incl. TurnitinUK and My Studies (Blackboard)

Update – TurnitinUK and My Studies (Blackboard) services restored

Incident resolved: June 8th 10:55 – June 8th 13:41
Turnitin have stated that the issue is now resolved and was occuring during the times noted above. We are also aware that My Studies (Blackboard) has issues during this time period and these issues also now seem to be resolved.

Update at 12.17pm
The access issues were initially reported at 10.54am and persisted until 12.15pm. Turnitin have advised that they are currently monitoring their services after putting steps in place to mitigate the issue.

From 11.02am on 08/06/21:

We have been made aware that there are nationwide issues affecting websites, web services, and web applications related to a Content Delivery Network provider (cloud-based service). This is affecting both Turnitin and My Studies and may also impact other services and websites which you access as a matter of course for work or study.

We are following updates from service providers and will send an update once services return to normal levels.

Services impacted:

  • TurnitinUK – submission and marking tools currently unavailable.
  • My Studies (Blackboard) – areas of the application are loading slowly or are not available.
  • Other national websites and web applications are also impacted.

Turnitin Service Disruption – Delay on Similarity Reports 5-11-20 to 6-11-20

6/11/20 at 15:39:
Turnitin have informed us that the service disruption which affected the generation of similarity reports is now resolved and the processing backlog has mostly cleared.

Please be advised that Turnitin have informed us of a service disruption which is affecting the generation of similarity reports. Currently there is a delay in processing reports. This may affect students who are drafting submissions and wish to refer to their similarity report and also staff who are reviewing student work that has been submitted today.

Turnitin engineers are currently working on the problem. For up-to-the-minute updates on the status of the Turnitin service please refer to this page: https://turnitin.statuspage.io/

Turnitin Service Disruption 20-10-20

Update – distruption period: BST Oct 20 14:40 – Oct 20 18:30

This issue is now resolved and service has resumed.

Turnitin Service Unavailable – Tuesday 20th October 2020

Please be aware that the Turnitin Service for electronic submission and assessment is currently unavailable. At this time is not possible for students to submit work or for marking to take place. Turnitin are aware and their engineers are currently investigating the problem. The service disruption is affecting Turnitin integration services internationally and they are working to fix it.

For up-to-the-minute updates on the status of the Turnitin service please refer to this page: https://turnitin.statuspage.io/

Tii News November: Service Disruption on 13/11/19

Service restored as of 18.08 on 13/11/19

Turnitin (UK and Intl) encountered an a service disruption followed by an outage. This occurred between 16:00 – 18:08 on Weds 13th November.

Update 17.35:

Turnitin and Turnitin UK are currently down. This means that staff and students are not able to log in or make submissions.

Turnitin have stated the following:

“we are working on this issue as our top priority and are performing emergency maintenance. Apologies for any inconvenience this may be causing.”

News (16.50 on 13/11/19)

We have been advised that Turnitin is experiencing an unexpected service disruption

Students may not be able to submit work or submissions may take longer to upload than expected. Staff may not be able to download submissions to grade them. This issue is affecting UK and International Turnitin services.

For up-to-date information and status updates, please refer to the the Turnitin Status Page.

Turnitin News – 7th of December

We were advised on Friday evening (7/12/18) by Turnitin that the issues experienced during the afternoon were resolved at approximately 17:05 and that the service returned to normal. The timeframe for the Turnitin service degradation for both staff and students was 15:15 – 17:05.

Original post:
We have received reports that users are experiencing intermittent issues when attempting to access student submissions in Turnitin Feedback Studio. This issue will display as “503 error” when attempting to load a student submission in the browser.

Student work submission is also experiencing slowness and may also be affected.
[Update] 15:59 – Students are currently unable to submit.
[Update] 16:05 – Some submissions are going through. Intermittent service continues.
[Update] 17:55 – Turnitin reports that service has been restored as of 17:05.

We have reported this issue to Turnitin and will provide updates via this blog post which is also linked to on the Studies tab in studentcentral.

Turnitin News – 25 October 2018

Turnitin Service was unavailable from 10.56-13.19 – Resolved and confirmed at 13.30

Students and staff cited issues accessing TurnitinUK services this morning for the purposes of eSubmission, marking and also use of the Turnitin Feedback Studio for iPad app. Upon accessing inboxes and submission areas, users received a ‘503’ error. Turnitin Support resolved the issue and notified us at 13.19 on Thursday 25th October.

Turnitin News – 22 October 2018

Turnitin Service was unavailable from 09.37-14.36 – Resolved and confirmed at 15.27

Students and staff cited issues accessing TurnitinUK services this morning for the purposes of eSubmission, marking and also use of the Turnitin Feedback Studio for iPad app. Upon accessing inboxes and submission areas, users received a ‘503’ error. Turnitin Support resolved the issue and notified us at 15.27 on Monday 22nd October.


Turnitin News: 27th of February 2018

RESOLVED by Turnitin Support on 07/03/18

Turnitin: Issues entering feedback into the Feedback Summary area of the Turnitin Feedback Studio

As an addendum to yesterday’s communication we are aware of further issues affecting Turnitin Feedback Studio that have been reported. We have informed Turnitin Support and have been working with them to resolve these issues.

Problem: the feedback summary area is limited to 3,000 characters of text rather than the 5,000 that should be allowed in the Turnitin Feedback Studio

The exact limit may vary, some staff have encountered a 1,000 character limit.

Problem: Instructors who use Anonymous marking currently cannot enter any text into the Feedback Summary area of the Turnitin Feedback Studio

Suggested temporary solution: In the meantime if you want to continue writing student feedback we recommend composing it locally on your computer using a plain text software programme. On a PC we suggest “Notepad” which is installed on all Windows computers and on a Mac we suggest “TextEdit”. This will allow you to copy and paste feedback into the Feedback Summary area, once this issue is resolved by Turnitin Support. Microsoft Word is not the best software programme for this as we have discovered that text copied and pasted from Word adds hidden characters which affect also the character quota (5,000 characters)

Current Issues affecting Turnitin Feedback Studio and the Turnitin/Blackboard Integration

Issue: The Feedback Studio freezes and does not allow text to be entered in QuickMarks, QuickMark review and/or QuickMarks cannot be deleted
This is caused by slow loading times and can manifest in a variety of ways. If you encounter this issue, elements in the Feedback Studio such as QuickMarks will typically freeze or become unresponsive.

Suggested solution: first you can try refreshing your web browser using the keyboard shortcut ctrl + r (Mac: cmd + r). If that has no effect then the recommendation is to clear your browser cache. Instructions for clearing your cache in Mozilla Firefox can be found here: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-clear-firefox-cache
This is the recommendation from Turnitin and should resolve the problem.

Using a right-click or double-clicking with the mouse within the Feedback Studio has also led to freezing and slowness and this should be resolved by a refresh as outlined above. All marking actions in Turnitin are controlled by a single left-click; this is a usability issue that Turnitin still need to address.

Issue: Some students report that they are unable to view their feedback in Turnitin (e.g. on-paper annotations and feedback summary), even though other students may have been able to
This is caused by a synchronisation issue between Turnitin and the studentcentral grade centre and subsequently My Grades, the method by which students access their unratified marks and feedback. This issue will only be encountered by students. When the error arises affected students will be shown an integration error page when they attempt to access their feedback.

Solution: this issue can be addressed by clicking the Sync Grades option above each Turnitin Inbox in a module. This option can be accessed by going to Course Tools, then Turnitin Assignments and the “Sync Grades” link is seen above each inbox in the module. Using the Sync Grades link forces Turnitin to re-synchronise with the grade centre and to pass through any marks and feedback which are not passing between the tools correctly.

image showing sync grades link

We continue to work with Turnitin Support to resolve these issues. In the meantime, if you encounter these issues please contact the service desk who are able to provide further advice.