Edublogs service restored over the weekend

Blog sites were not effected, meaning the pages were visible, however, Edublogs admin-areas were experiencing issues with re-directing, thus frustrating our users efforts to edit and create new blog posts/pages in Edublogs.  Service seemed to be down sometime in the afternoon of March 13th.

We put in a ticket with our external supplier that afternoon.  On Saturday the 17th, Edublogs contacted us, and told us that the problem was fixed.  Upon testing the blogs on Monday morning on the 19th of March, we were pleased to confirm that the blogging system was back up and running correctly.

We apologise for any issues you may have encountered during this time-frame.

Edublogs Blog service issue

Current issues with logins to
We are currently experiencing issues with logins to Edublogs ( The blogs themselves are viewable and working properly, however the ability to edit and/or create new blogs is affected, you may see “redirect” error screens.
Our external provider for Edublogs has been contacted, and their developers are working to solve the problem.
Our apologies for the unexpected issue with the Edublogs service, please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries on this matter.
Service was lost sometime around 16:00 on the 13th of March.

Edublogs having re-direct issues

Edublogs has been having some issues with the creation of new blogs.  The problem was first reported on October 30th, 2017.  This issue had to do with a mistaken institutional-wide installation of a particular plug-in called CoursePress.

The plug-in was disabled for our institution (but allowed for individual blogs).  This seems to have fixed the redirect issue at the time by the morning of the the 30th of October, 2017.

A new re-direct issue has been found today November 10th.  The redirect looks quite similar to the former problem, but is a bit different.

A ticket with CampusPress (our Edublogs provider) has been entered into the system by T.MacNeill at 9:30am on November 10th.  We’re awaiting a response from our service provider.

UPDATE: As of 12 noon on November 10th, 2017 – The page for blog creation is now redirecting correctly.  We are unsure as to the cause of this morning’s re-direct problems.  Please ensure that you clear your browser history, before re-attempting to create a blog.

Edublogs down briefly on 17-10-17

At approximately 14:25 on Tuesday October 17th, Edublogs returned a 404 error when someone attempted to use it.  You may have also encountered a strange .php file error that looked something like this:

screen caputre picture

According to our external Edublogs-providers, there was a code update running that unexpectedly affected our network. The update was killed and the network was brought back online.

The blogs were down for only 30 minutes after the problem was discovered.

Edublogs service was down briefly on 5th of September

For approximately four hours, today 5-9-17, our ability to edit our Edublogs-hosted web pages and Blogs was lost.

The front-end of the pages continued working, thus this was not a serious service impact.  The problem was noticed approximately around noon, and Edublogs was notified immediately.  The backend system was restored by 15:45.

If any issues remain, please do contact the Service Desk at x4444

LDAP Authentication Servers brief down-time

This morning 25/6/17 between 09:01:51 and 09:12:51 Univesity of Brighton LDAP server was refusing connections, preventing users from logging in to StudentCentral, StudentFolio and other services, such as Edublogs and possibly Sharepoint.

LDAP is the central-system that handles logging into services.

The system recovered without intervention after LDAP server started accepting connections at 09:12.