Edublogs service was down briefly on 5th of September

For approximately four hours, today 5-9-17, our ability to edit our Edublogs-hosted web pages and Blogs was lost.

The front-end of the pages continued working, thus this was not a serious service impact.  The problem was noticed approximately around noon, and Edublogs was notified immediately.  The backend system was restored by 15:45.

If any issues remain, please do contact the Service Desk at x4444

2 thoughts on “Edublogs service was down briefly on 5th of September

  1. Do you know if CampusPress allows for pingbacks/trackbacks? I tested some links between my UoB blogs and I didn’t get a notification. Is it disabled through CampusPress? Or is it that certain templates don’t allow it?

    • Hey Nina,

      I’m not quite sure of what you mean about pingbacks/trackbacks, when talking about links and notification. As an owner of a blog, you should be notified when people make comments, if you have that enabled, but… I don’t know what you mean about pingbacks and links. I took a look at your blog, and it doesn’t seem to have Google Analytics activated, nor JetPack, both of which would give you more tools to analyse your blog traffic?

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