This was my third photoshoot, visually representing the style of the skinhead movement of the late 60s/ early 70s. The bold look of a shaved head, doc martens, rolled up jeans, dress shirt, braces and a bomber jacket.

By my third shoot I decided to significantly edit down, a small collection of strong images is all that is needed to represent the style and attitude of each subgroup.

Below is a small collection of raw images from the shoot:


I then edited some of my favourites in photoshop, deciding to stray away from heavy handed photoshop editing, and keep it simple:



For my second photoshoot, the initial theme idea was “Mod” but the visual outcomes fit the ska subculture much better, so this is my “Rudeboi” photoshoot.

The locations I used were Quadrophenia Alley (for the Mod idea) and underneath Brighton Pier.

All of the images can be found through this link:

I will include some of my favourite shots below:

From the 600 shots, I edited down and chose the right ones to develop in photoshop; I experimented with all the different tools, my favourites being posterize, threshold and gradient.

All of the edits can be found here:

Some of my favourite edits are below:


To develop my visual research, I grouped together 4 of my friends and styled them to do a photoshoot inspired by the Hippie movement of the 1960’s and 70’s.

I hired a camera from the photographic department and took a total of 500 images on the day, I will include some of my favourites below.

This is the link to a google doc with all the images:



I then edited the pictures in photoshop, experimenting with graphic and realistic styles. Below are some examples.

All of the edits are included in this google doc:




Mood Boards

I have started to compile images and create mood-boards to stimulate ideas; I experimented with the editing tools on photoshop to make my collages more interesting and to test for when I edit my own photographs.

Mods Vs Rockers






Skinheads and Rudeboys