Centre for Spatial, Environmental and Cultural Politics

Trans person wearing a black blazer crop top and pink sunglasses

Talk with Travis Alabanza 18th Feb 2020

¬† Travis Alabanza is a writer, theatre maker and performer who for the last four years has been creating performance, writing to archive the existence and experiences of gender non conforming people of colour. Their work has been is several publications such as the Guardian, BBC, Dazed, ID, as well as performing in venues such…

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John Bercow: Modern Politics & Democracy

          “This university has been acclaimed for it’s teaching and innovative approach to research, of which the Centre for Spatial, Environmental and Cultural Politics is a stellar example. It is pioneering in choosing to focus on issues of the most pressing urgency.” John Bercow The University of Brighton Centre for Spatial…

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Poster with words Care Architecture and urbanism for a broken planet

CRITICAL CARE: Architecture & Urbanism for a Broken Planet

How architecture and urbanism can help to care for and repair a broken planet: essays and illustrated case studies. Today, architecture and urbanism are capital-centric, speculation-driven, and investment-dominated.¬†Many cannot afford housing. Austerity measures have taken a disastrous toll on public infrastructures. The climate crisis has rendered the planet vulnerable, even uninhabitable. This book offers an…

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