Researchers at the Centre for Spatial, Environmental and Cultural Politics undertake interdisciplinary research to address interconnected global and planetary challenges including climate change, human migration, social inequalities and resource access/depletion. Working within and across disciplines from the social and natural sciences, and the arts and humanities, our research explores how environmental and social challenges are spatially and culturally shaped and imagined, ideologically inspired or limited, and diversely lived and experienced. We are committed to an ethos of collaboration, collegiality and participation, in the development and practice of our research and partnerships, and in the creation of more sustainable and socially just societies.

Centre Themes

Through theoretical, creative and practical insights, our work challenges and subverts power relations in order to provide alternative modes of living and being that are more environmentally, ethically, and socially just. With a commitment to decolonial research and practice, we focus upon three interconnected themes:

  • Climate justice and environmental politics
  • Migration and mobilities
  • Spatial inequalities and injustices

Working within and across these themes, our researchers produce new insights through diverse outputs that range from academic publications to more creative modes such as podcasts, ‘zines and multi-modal research articles.

Collaboration, partnerships and impact

We are committed to collaborative research, and co-create research projects with a range of non-academic partners from policy, communities, arts, education, and the public and private sectors. In doing so, our work seeks to transform people’s lives at the local, national and global level.

Centre management

Our Centre is managed by two Co-Directors, a Deputy Director, and a team of Board Members which includes Early Career Researchers and Postgraduate Research Students, all of whom represent the Centre’s range of disciplines and practices. Our current management team are:

Centre Directors: Dr Nichola Khan and Professor Julie Doyle                      Deputy Director: Dr Katy Beinart

Board members – Dr Matthew Adams, Maia Brons, Dr Apurv Chauhan, Dr Mark Doidge, Professor Rebecca Elmhirst, Dr Claudia Kappenberg, Laura Mitchell, Professor David Nash

For further information on any of our work, visit our website or contact us at