We are delighted to welcome Dr Nazry Bahrawi from the Department of Asian Languages and Literature, University of Washington, USA, as a Visiting Research Fellow in the Centre for Spatial, Environmental and Cultural Politics from 1 April to 30 June 2023. Dr Nazry is an Assistant Professor of Southeast Asian literature and culture, whose research examines the intersections between animal fables and racial discourses in Malay-Indonesian literary texts and films.

During his visit, Dr Nazry will be working on a chapter of his monograph titled ‘Racialising the Tropics’. Prompted by Angela Saini’s claim in her 2019 book Superior that race science is making a comeback, the chapter will analyse the links between race science and narratives in maritime Southeast Asia by clarifying the confluence between taxonomy and racialization. In addition to his chapter, Dr Nazry will be offering series of talks and events, including conducting a lecture on his work-in-progress chapter, ‘Southeast Asian Racial Taxonomies between Narrative and Science’, a workshop about Southeast Asian decoloniality with postgraduate students and a public-facing creative workshop titled ‘Other Ways of Imagining Animals: Learning from Southeast Asia’s Literature and Folk Tales’. Event details will be advertised separately. 

Dr Nazry’s work fits with the Centre’s critical approach to decolonising research and pedagogy across science, social science and humanities areas. His fellowship activities also contribute to the Centre’s Climate Justice and Environmental Politics theme. Centre member, Professor Rebecca Elmhirst, will be hosting Dr Nazry during his stay. We very much look forward to Dr Nazry’s visit.