CSECP are pleased to invite you to join artist/researcher Elona Hoover at ONCA gallery in Brighton to hear about her creative exploration of the political aesthetics of urban commoning.

Concrete is a curious material. It can be moulded, reinforced, it hardens and its flexibility lies in its cracks. Concrete is a curious word. As an adjective or preceded by the article ‘the’, concrete becomes abstraction. In this performance-talk, Elona Hoover will share the process of composing ethnographic poems and sound pieces that explore the political aesthetics of urban commoning, that explore how to cultivate ethical responses to the dramatic impacts of dominant technological, economic and productive systems on the planet and those bodies that inhabit. She does this through material and engagement with five aspects of concrete: earthbound, austere, urban nature, cracks, and alchemy.

This event is free but booking is required. Booking here: https://onca.org.uk/event/elona-hoover-composing-with-concrete-environments/


What to expect

6.30pm: introductions

6.40 -7.15pm: performance talk, including invitations for audience participation.

7.15 – 7.45pm: questions and discussion on learning with sound with Bethan Prosser

7.45 – 8pm: mingling, drinks and informal discussion

About the artist

Elona Hoover is an independent researcher, artist and curator with a doctorate in human geography from the University of Brighton. Her interests include urban commoning, affective practices, relational ethics, and the feminist political ecologies of extractivism, with a commitment to transdisciplinary collaborations that weave together art, activism, and critical scholarship.