‘Exploring water through film’ workshop

Organised by Lilith Archive & Centre for Spatial, Environmental and Cultural Politics

Part of the Brighton Fringe


Workshop date: 21 May 2022 16:00 – 18:00

Event location: ONCA Barge, Brighton Marina, The Waterfront, BN2 5UU

Event Free but booking required.

Event booking: https://www.brightonfringe.org/whats-on/exploring-water-through-film-lilith-archive-x-cesp-163467/


Water has many practical and symbolic meanings, across cultures, geographies and identities. Join us for the screening of several relevant short films around water, and a reflection on its personal and political significance.

The workshop – as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival –  will be guided by the question “what does water mean to you?”. The film selections will involve a range of culturally and emotionally diverse ways of relating to, and living with, water. We chose this theme due to Brighton’s proximity to the sea, and increasing water insecurity and flood threats due to the climate crisis. Holding the event on ONCA’s barge is quite fitting as it positions us closely with water.

Activities of the workshop include time at the beginning for a group introduction, framed with our emotional connections to water. Then a few short film screenings interspersed with group reflections on the films, and a plenary discussion to end. There will be a short comfort break in the middle.


Film selections include:


Sororelle – 14.57 mins / French / 2021

  • Louise + Frederic Mercadier

‘Sororal’ is an animated film, which presents three siblings’ reactions to the impending flood as physical manifestations: Because Madeleine and Anna resist accepting the news, their bodies become hard and brittle and form crusty, salt-laden scabs. Emilie, on the other hand, remains flexible and unscathed.


Dive Tierra Bomba Dive – 10.36 mins / set – Colombia, directors – British / 2020

  • Joya Berrow + Lucy Jane

Dive Tierra Bomba Dive tells the story of 19 year-old woman, Yassandra Barrios who emerges as the environmental leader of her island. She learns to dive, studies Marine Biology, rallies the fishermen and young people to bring awareness to protecting their marine ecosystem.


Summer Shade – 15.00 mins / Israel / 2020

  • Shira Haimovici

Shira Haimovici’s צל בקיץ (Summer Shade) is a provocative look at a scarcely explored Israeli conflict that gives voice to a growing number of women. A coming-of-age tale that is incredibly specific to young girls growing up in Israel, Haimovici’s film is gorgeous, poetic, and brave in its unyielding authenticity to the rising tension from Ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jewish men and the inevitable gender aggressions caused by a clash of world-views. Delicately addressing religious boundaries, Summer Shade unapologetically confronts social and cultural issues with an emotional awareness that few filmmakers have been able to grasp.