SECP Co-director Nichola Khan shares a syllabus she designed on Quantitative Methods for Migration


This course will introduce you to some common quantitative research methods in migration studies. You will critically evaluate approaches to interpreting, using, and also producing statistical data. You will query where data comes from, how it is collected, used, and used erroneously, to support theoretical models, explanations, and discursive constructions of migration and migrants. You will become equipped to evaluate quantitative research methods in depth, and you will acquire a strong foundation for developing the methodology and specific methods for conducting your own quantitative research.

Week 1: The role of quantitative evidence in migration research and policy (who counts?)

Week 2. Methodology: empiricism, positivism, and quantitative research

Week 3. Method and statistics: data, facts, and ‘damn lies’

Week 4. Concepts and measurement: what’s wrong with integration?

Week 5. The research ethics of representation, procedure, and public engagement

Week 6. Survey

Week 7: Research design: quantitative approaches and mixing methods

Week 8: Data on international migration and migration policies

The full syllabus can be found here