Embodied, sensory or emotional experiences can evoke (new) sensibilities to extractive realities at a personal level. In this webinar we will explore how particular kinds of creative practises and strategies not only portray such experiences but also motivate embodied persistence or resistance , because of – or despite – extractivism.

Toxic Waves II Arabel Lebrusan
 (SECP Visiting Fellow)
Harvesting empathy and coping with ecological grief through drawing
Toxic waves II, is an online participatory drawing performance where participants are invited to draw to the beat of a metronome the shape of a wave with a repetitive line.

Remembering and Forgetting the Air
 Luce Choules
Building ‘traces’ from fragments in their collaborative work REGOLITHIC (Choules+Roisner), Choules will perform a poetic script to voice the space of air – a visible substance circulating in our bodies and carried in our breath.


Despite Extractivism is the third exhibition organised by the Extracting Us Collective (Siti Maimunah, Dian Ekowati, Alice Owen, Rebecca Elmhirst and Elona Hoover, with technical and curatorial support from Celina Loh). The collective is part of the EU-funded WEGO-ITN network for Feminist Political Ecology research, which has informed our theoretical approach and curatorial principles and practices. We have also worked with and received support from ONCA, a Brighton based arts charity that bridges social and environmental justice issues with creativity, and the research Centre for Spatial, Environmental and Cultural Politics (SECP) based at the University of Brighton.