Welcome to our Visiting Fellow 2020 Suzanne Dhaliwal. Suzanne is a highly regarded and influential climate justice creative and strategist who brings an important critical lens to the functioning of privilege and power within the climate movement. She was voted one of London’s most influential people in Environment 2018. She works as a climate justice creative, and media consultant to artists, non-profits, magazines, social media channels and brands. She has appeared as a guest writer and speaker in major newspapers, on radio, television. In her role as Co-founder and Director of UK “No Tar Sands’ network she has delivered lectures across the UK, EU & North America. Suzanne’s work with indigenous and non-indigenous communities contributes to a fundamental questioning of how cultures of organising shape particular forms of climate activism and reproduce and challenge raced and gendered power relations. As a Visiting Fellow she will work with local climate justice organisers and cultural producers to explore activism culture Brighton. By reflecting on how effective cultures of organising and activism are in supporting inclusivity she hopes to deepen the participation of minorities in Brighton in the climate movement.

Suzanne is very interested to meet with members and PGR students during her stay. Please do email her on suzannedhaliwal@googlemail.com if you would like to meet up with her. She has initially arranged two events as part of her fellowship and would be delighted to meet many of you there.