Recentering Our Movement

20th  March

Onca Barge Brighton Marina

Recentering our movement’ is a day long dialogue process facilitated by Suzanne Dhaliwal, our 2020 Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Spatial Environmental and Cultural Politics, climate justice creative and founder of No Tar Sands. It’s for anyone wishing to strengthen their understanding of climate justice, power and privilege in environmental campaigning.

The past 18 months have seen an unprecedented surge of global activism in response to the climate crisis. However, what’s often overlooked is that this new wave of climate organising builds on 500 years of social movements challenging the patriarchy, capitalism and extractivism that have pushed the earth into climate crisis. How can the contemporary climate movement move beyond protesting and striking to foster a culture of care and community that is self-reflective and responsive to power dynamics? As the 2020s begin, it’s important to recognise the strategies and power dynamics at play within emergent activisms, and how/whether they respect and work alongside BAME and frontline climate justice movements that have been responding to the crisis for so long. By looking into our autobiographies, we begin to unpack our ‘personal power maps’ and understand the ways we bring power dynamics into our practices as climate activists, artists and educators.