You are warmly invited to attend a Participatory Open Session for the System Change HIVE Arts Council funded project on Wednesday 15 May 4-6pm, Edward Street, University of Brighton.

System Change HIVE, are a Brighton-based collective of young and established artists who have come together to work with experts to imagine new systems – exploring pathways to brighter, fairer and sustainable futures.

The multiple crises we face, from climate change to inequalities to mental health, are deeply interrelated. A new path is urgently needed and we need to hear and share a diversity of community-linked values, experiences, insight and hopes for the future – foregrounding social justice as central to ecological/climate justice. Please join us for our Participatory Open Session on Wednesday 15 May.

Three conceptual spaces will link the journey from our current failing and destructive systems to perceptions of meaningful, alternative futures: NowChange and Possible. We ask that you consider the following questions beforehand and join us to participate in related discussion. There will be limited time during the Open Session, about two minutes per discussion for each person, but opportunities for further discussion will be available later. Please also bring details of relevant publications to share:

  1. What is happening now? – what are the barriers that current systems present to social justice and ecological/climate justice, either locally or globally?
  2. What are the mechanisms for change? – what seeds of change do you see? Please share an example of a successful project/organisation which supports wellbeing and sustainability in the local community.
  3. What are your dreams for the future? – it is only through our radical imaginings that we can work towards making these tangible, so please be specific. What will these communities look like, how will it feel to live in them, what shared values will people be living, what barriers have been removed?

We dearly hope you are able to join us and look forward to meeting you. Please RSVP to Toni Slater by 10 May and also let us know if you would be happy to also contribute a short video quote (filmed by us) or audio clip on the day. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided

Very best wishes

System Change HIVE


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