Early Career and Doctoral Researcher Symposium
Wednesday 6 June 2018, 9:30-17:30, 68 Middle Street, Brighton

Keynote: Derek McCormack, University of Oxford
Discussant: Leila Dawney, University of Brighton

Hosted by the Centre for Spatial, Environmental and Cultural Politics & Responsible Futures.

Infrastructure is not identical to system or structure, as we currently see them, because infrastructure is defined by the movement or patterning of social form. It is the living mediation of what organizes life: the lifeworld of structure […] all the systems that link ongoing proximity to being in a world-sustaining relation. (Berlant 2016: 393)

In today’s ‘troubled times’, (infra)structures are increasingly complex, multi-scalar and interconnected, affecting and effected by climate change, patterns of global economic debt, financial management and resource extraction/use. So how can our research challenge and question the apparent neutrality of infrastructures?

Join us in this one-day symposium, organised in a world- café style, to work through this and related questions raised by contributors and participants.

The event will bring together different ways of understanding infrastructures, and a range of methodological and technical approaches that might allow us to interrogate the material, social, ideological and onto- epistemological formations that support their existence and effects.