StU 2019 Programme

09.45-10.00      Introduction and Welcome [ES309]

10.00-11.30      Panel A [ES309]

  • William Proctor (Bournemouth), ‘A Dark Knight on Elm Street: Critical Industrial Practice, Regimes of (Sub)Cultural Value, and the Perils of Remaking and Rebooting Canonical Horror Cinema.
  • Martin Fradley (Independent), ‘”This Book is about American Popular Culture in the Age of Extremism”: Cine/Telefantasy, Ideological Critique and the ‘Culture Wars’
  • Ewan Kirkland (UoB: FSS), ‘The Gothic Gameplay of What Remains of Edith Finch’


11.30-11.45      Coffee / Tea Break


11.45-13.15      Panel B (i) [ES305]

  • Douglas McNaughton (UoB: FSS), ‘Acting, Performance and Excess in 1970s Telefantasy’
  • Jean Martin (UoB: DMSA), ‘The Sinister in Electronic Sound’
  • Amy Godliman (UoB: DDM), ‘Doggerland Radio: A Multimedia Landscape of Historical Flotsam’

11.45-13.15      Panel B (ii)

  • Lindsay Hallam (UEL), ‘Drink Full and Descend: The Horror of Twin Peaks: The Return’
  • Sally Miller (UoB: Photography), ‘Screening the Lacanian Real: Ballard, Cronenberg, Crash’
  • Aris Mousoutzanis (UoB, FSS), ‘Bare Life, States of Exception and the Biopolitics of Dystopia’


13.15-14.30      Lunch Break [ES305] / Screening [ES309]:

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14.30-16.00      Panel C [ES309]

  • Emma Withers (UoB, FSS), ‘Posthumanism in Claire Dennis’s High Life (2018)’
  • Stacey Abbott (Roehampton), ‘When Aliens meet Vampires: Near Dark (Bigelow 1987) as Gothic Action Film’
  • Kate Meakin (Sussex), ‘A White Feminist Dystopia: Chrononormativity and Historical Amnesia in The Handmaid’s Tale Protests’


16.00-16.15      Coffee / Tea Break


16.15-17.45      Panel D [ES309]

  • Monica Germanà (Westminster), ‘The Resistance of the Undead in Sicilian Ghost Story (2018)’
  • Christine Hui (Sussex), ‘Sakura Perfume: Representations of the Nation in The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (Takahata 2013)”.
  • Prof Deborah Philips (UoB: English Literature), ‘Utopia, Nostalgia and National Identity in British Bake Off’


17.45-18.00      Concluding Remarks and Future Plans [ES309]

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