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ITE Market Review

Market review information to Schools 

The DfE has commissioned an Expert Advisory Group to undertake a Market Review of Initial Teacher Education (ITE).  In terms of Government policy in this area the direction of travel appears to be towards a restructured system of teacher education despite the evident advantages of schools and universities working together closely for the benefit of the profession.   

Following a number of stakeholder engagement events the expert group has made recommendations which can be found within the ITE Market Review Report 

The Department for Education is seeking views on the recommendations of the report through a public consultation.  The consultation is now open and closes on Sunday 22nd August 2021.  

We believe that the recommendations made within the report pose huge risks nationally for the future of ITE and we have a number of serious concerns, particularly relating to: 

  • The recommendation that every existing provider will be expected to go through an extensive accreditation system to deliver the proposed reform. 
  • The proposal of fewer, but larger ITE providers and the impact that any reduction on the number of accredited ITE providers will have on teacher supply and the availability of school placements. 
  • The cost implications of the proposals and the burdens that would be placed on schools as far as more prescribed mentor training and extra intensive placements for trainees. 
  • The implications of the proposals for the status and professionalism of teaching. 

The Universities, Council for the Education of Teachers (UCET) together with other organisations in the sector, through its #TeachBest campaign has been undertaking lobbying activities to highlight the high quality of existing ITE and to warn about the possible negative implications that the outcomes of the review would have for teacher quality and teacher sufficiency.  

As valued partners, we would very much like you to respond to the Market Review Consultation, and if you have time, get  involved in the #TeachBest campaign. 

You are such a significant part of an outstanding partnership.  We are so grateful for everything that you do and for the transformation experience that you give our students, helping them to become brilliant teachers and in doing so shaping the future for children and young people.  

Thank you so much and we do appreciate your support at such a busy time in the school calendar. 


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