Week 8 – 01/04/19

Now I have decided on my portfolio idea, I have planned for the last couple of weeks of the semester to be focused on taking the images for my final portfolio. As well as developing my photography skills further for not only the portfolio, but future work outside of this module. 

To reflect on my progress, at the beginning of this module photography was a hobby, and a frustrating subject to study. Now, after discussions with my lecturer and the ability to further explore my style in relation to the brief in my own preferred way, photography is something I will be considering to pursue in the future. I have not failed to recognise it has taken me a lot longer than my peers over the years to understand photography from an educational perspective, but what must be remembered is it does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. 

In terms of research into my chosen style, I get most of my inspiration off of Pinterest rather than professional photographers. This very much relates to the many years I spent doing photography as a hobby, not educationally. However, I still referred to the social media site when developing stylistic ideas for my portfolio. During the years before university when photography was still a hobby to me, this is what inspired me to take the pictures I do today. 




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