Week 7 – 25/03/19

During the half term I traveled to Grenoble for a skiing holiday. This will appear out of place on my blog I am aware, but it links to the development of my portfolio of sense of place as to me it represents growth and change. As soon as you learn to accept change, life becomes a lot less bitter sweet, for me this meant my family. My earliest memories of holidays with my family was skiing, it is where I hold my fondest memories of my childhood with my whole family. But, as said above, times change, people come and go, new memories are made. 

This shoot not only developed my skills with lighting, but gave me time to reflect on what i want my final piece to be. I came to the conclusion it is to be where I have grown the most, that place being my home.

Life is about change, how your sense of place changes overtime and how it makes you become who you are. My sense of place hasn’t changed, it has helped ME too, and that is what I desire to convey in my images. 




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