Week 1 – 11/02/19

My initial ideas when given the brief sense of place, was to focus on people, those that make up my environment and everyday life. I also thought about what makes me happy, with the mindset that, to me, sense of place isn’t necessarily a physical place but what makes me feel safe and loved. This included my family, which led me to develop the idea of using old photos to connote change within my sense of place. Some other ideas included: 

  • Place of mind. 
  • Home. 
  • Time
  • Everyday life. 
  • Happiness. 


The quote above is taken from one of my favourite films Call Me By Your Name. The line made me consider incorporating my love for film into my photography work, but appeared to be difficult to embed the sense of place brief. However, it fits the brief in that a sense of place can change overtime, and how that can either create a stronger bond between people and places, or draw them apart from it. It was also a starting point to thinking about how a place of someones mind can change rapidly. 

As you will see from these blog posts, my mind is all over the place in terms of sticking to one theme. I see each blog post as an exploration of ideas, before creating my final portfolio. This is one of the main reasons why I find photography a frustrating subject to study, for I struggle to find meaning in my photos for they are all so different, yet never fail to enjoy taking them. 





“By the simple act of choosing a topic to explore photographically,

you are asserting self” – selecting a subject.

“Everything is connected” – selecting a subject. 

“The best pictures, for me, are those which go straight into the heart and the blood, and take some time to reach the brain” – Bill Jay. 

“Diminishing, not augmenting, the role of self and, as much as possible, emphasising subject alone” – Bill Jay. 



David Hurn: photography is black and white film. Sense of place projected through photographing the everyday. For example, photographing California from his perspective. I liked the photo of the BBQ on the beach, mainly because of its natural, everyday feel. 

Mark Power: Good Morning, America. I liked the position of the shots, his perspective shows an artistic approach to find beauty in tragedy to create a sense of place. 

Paul Fusco: Black and white images of the everyday. Creates a sense of place through his timeless effect by capturing the real. 

Sim Chi Kin: I loved her perspective and the artistic eye she had for the subject she was capturing. She made empt places look beautiful by changing the perspective. Something that can be applied to everyday life, seemingly ugly places or objects have beauty if we just change the way we look at them.  







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