Raphael Schlembach interviewed in ARTE Journal

Raphael Schlembach was interviewed for a news item on ARTE Journal, the cultural and political news programme for the European TV network ARTE. The piece was aired in German and in French on 5 February 2018, and can be viewed here: https://www.arte.tv/fr/videos/081016-000-A/enquete-sur-des-policiers-infiltres/


Raphael talked about his research into the long term infiltration of political activists by British police units. The main focus of the interview was the widespread undercover police practice of initiating and maintaining sexual relationships with activists.


The programme also featured a woman named only as Jessica who says that she was groomed and manipulated by an undercover police officer when she was only 19. Jessica was involved in animal rights activism and believes that police targeted her to build a credible alias for undercover work.


The report also touches on the concerns that a public inquiry set up to shed light on such abusive police tactics has stalled and will keep most of the abuses hidden. Lawyer Harriet Wistrich, who represents some of the women who were deceived into long term relationships, told the ARTE programme that the identities of most undercover police officers are subject to restriction orders, meaning that other relationships will remain covered up.


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