School of Applied Social Science

The School of Applied Social Science undertakes research which is both theoretically and methodologically robust and which seeks to engage critically in public debate on a range of emerging and contemporary policies and practice-based issues.

Our research is often interdisciplinary, combining insights from sociology, psychology, social policy, politics, criminology, social work, counselling and psychotherapy. We work with agencies, organisations, groups and individuals, both in wider society and the local community, to ensure that our research has relevance and impact beyond our centre. Our collaboration with the University of Brighton Community University Partnership Programme (CUPP) creates sustainable partnerships that provide enduring benefits.

Research in our Social Science Policy and Research Centre (SSPARC) covers three broad and overlapping research areas which can be explored in more detail here :

  • Care, health and wellbeing
  • Crime, resistance and security and
  • Cultural identities and social spaces.

Feel free to browse, post, comment and enquire about our research projects and research active staff, past, present and future.

To visit our full website please follow this link to the
University of Brighton’s Social Science Policy and Research Centre.



SASS Psychology Lab – A variety of equipment and spaces for use by staff and students to carry out research.

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