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This year’s timetable is now available.  A regular opportunity for Social Scientists to present their work on Wednesdays between 1-2 pm – All welcome!

Shadreck Mwale, Senior Lecturer in SASS, will kick off this year with his presentation on “Risk, Trust and the Construction of Rational Consent in Healthy Volunteer Involvement in Clinical Trials” on 21st October in Checkland E424.  You can view his abstract here

21 October 15 Checkland E424 Shadreck Mwale
Senior Lecturer SASS
University of Brighton
Risk, trust and the construction of rational consent in healthy volunteer involvement in clinical trials’
4 November 15 Checkland E424 Carolyn Mahoney
Visiting Research Fellow SASS
University of Brighton
Health, Food and Social Inequality: Critical Perspectives on the Supply and Marketing of Food
18 November 15 Checkland E424 Alec Grant, Reader in Narrative Mental Health
School of Health Sciences
University of Brighton

De-medicalising Misery


November 15
Checkland E424 Peter Squires
Professor of Criminology SASS
University of Brighton

Voodoo Liability: Joint Enterprise Prosecutions as intensified criminalisation.


9 December 15 Mayfield 301 Alejandro Romero
University of Granada
The Ideological Uses of Cartooning in Early Francoism
13 January 16 Checkland E424 China Mills
Lecturer in Critical Educational Psychology
University of Sheffield

Time to panic? producing dis-ease in epidemic proportions


27 January 16 Checkland E424 William Spurlin
Professor of English
Brunel University

The Biomedicalisation of Sexuality


10 February 16 Mayfield M129 Christopher Matthews
Senior Lecturer in Sport and Service ManagementUniversity of Brighton

‘Pastiche Patriarchy’ and its Reflexive Winners


24 February Mayfield M129 Helen Johnson
Senior Lecturer SASS
University of Brighton
Combining Data from Brain Imaging and Subjective Experiences: Parallels in Creative Processes
9 March 16 Mayfield M129 David Pilgrim
The perils of social constructionism: the case of child sexual abuse



  1. Lauren Deighton November 21, 2016 - 8:21 pm Reply

    Hello, would it be possible for me to subscribe to a mailing list so I can keep in touch with upcoming talks and events? I am a psychosexual and relationship therapist practising in Brighton and would be interested in attending some of your talks. Many thanks, Lauren Deighton

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