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Gender, Activism and Criminal Justice

We will be hosting a one-day symposium on Wednesday 24 May 2017, which aims to bring together established scholars in criminology with a range of activists, campaigning and pressure groups.


The event aims at in-depth exploration of the methodological, philosophical and political issues raised by activist-academic collaborations, the opportunities and limitations of ‘activist criminology’, and seeks to create a space where we can form new relations and collaborations, as much as critically interrogate relationships of this kind.

Questions we aim to explore include:

  • To what extend can (and should) advocacy work in criminal justice be informed by academic research agendas?
  • Is academic impact on campaign strategies desirable and how could it be measured and assessed?
  • Should academics resist the call to produce practically-relevant research in an effort to maintain intellectual independence from political action?

The event will focus specifically on the impact and responses to gendered harms in the criminal justice arena. This allows us to draw from the insights of feminist campaigns, as well as from the wider literature and advocacy networks exploring the relationships of gender and the criminal justice system.


The day will be structured around a number of invited presentations by researchers and activists in the field of criminal justice. To express an interest in participating in this event please contact one of the organisers below. There is no attendance fee, but note that there are a limited number of places available. Registration details will be made available closer to the time.


Greta Squire:
Deanna Dadusc:
Raphael Schlembach:

Please click to see the draft Conference programme.


The idea for the symposium emerges from discussions amongst members of the research cluster Crime, Resistance and Security (CRAS) at the University of Brighton. We hope that the event will allow us to further develop this strand of research, allowing for new collaborations to emerge from in-depth discussions between academics and activists. There will be some time on the day to plan future publishing projects and events.

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