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24 May 2017
Sixty Eight Middle Street, Brighton BN1 1AL
Gender, Activism and Criminal Justice
We will be hosting a one-day symposium on Wednesday 24 May 2017, which aims to bring together established scholars in criminology with a range of activists, campaigning and pressure groups.
Tuesday 15 November, 4-5.30pm, Checkland A500, Falmer Campus Criminology Research Seminar
Algorithms on Patrol: The Futures of Predictive Policing

Professor Dean Wilson (University of Sussex)
Friday November 18th, 2-4.30, Mayfield House Lecture Theatre Nature Based Interventions for Mental Health
Hear more about how Matt Adams and Julie Morgan have been working with a local nature-based intervention (Grow) for people with experiences of psychological distress, and the mixed methods evaluation
Tuesday 2 June 2015 1.30pm-2.30pm Brighton Disability Research Network
Wednesday 10 June 2015 6pm-7.30pm The New Period of ‘Occupation-Style’ Protest: Its Role in the Politics of Struggle on University Campuses – Organised by the University’s Social Movement Network
Thursday 11 June 2015 9.45am-5pm Festival of Social Science
Friday 3 July 2015 12-4.30pm Dare to Do it Differently: Creative Methods in Gender and Sexuality Workshop
Research & Public Engagement
Transforming Sexuality and Gender Research cluster
Tuesday 22 September 2015 Social Movements Symposium
Wednesday 21 October 2015 Social Science Forum Presentation:
Risk, Trust and the Construction of Rational Consent in Healthy Volunteer Involvement in Clinical Trials – by Shadreck Mwale
Tuesday 3 November 2015 Romaphobia
Wednesday 4 November Social Science Forum Presentation:
Health, Food and Social Inequality: Critical Perspectives on the Supply and Marketing of Food – by Carolyn Mahoney
Wednesday 18 November Social Science Forum Presentation:
De-medicalising Misery – by Alec Grant
Wednesday 25 November Social Science Forum Presentation:
Voodoo Liability: Joint Enterprise Prosecutions as intensified criminalisation – by Prof. Peter Squires
Wednesday 9 December Social Science Forum Presentation:
The ideological Uses of Cartooning in Early Francoism – Alejandra Romero, University of Granada
Wednesday 13 January Social Science Forum Presentation:
Time to Panic? Producing dis-ease in epidemic proportions – by China Mills
Wednesday 27 January Social Science Forum Presentation:
Bio-medicalization of Sexuality – by William Spurlin, Brunel University
 Thursday 19 May Festival of Social Science Annual Lecture: Fairness in the City – a better politics
In January, Helen Johnson, Psychology Lecturer in the School of Applied Social Sciences is running a free workshop at Grand Parade campus, exploring the outcomes and methods developed through her summer research work in Montreal.  It’s open to all those (academics, artists, members of community groups and others) who are interested in exploring the potential of collaborative, arts-based research. There are more details here:

Past Social Science Policy and Research Centre Events


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