Social work and social science


‘Pastiche Patriarchy’ and its Reflexive Winners


Pastiche Patriarchy at Work
Christopher Matthews,
Senior Lecturer in Sport and Service Management, University of Brighton


Within this paper I explore the continued hegemony of certain men. I use data to help think through the notion of pastiche patriarchy as a means of understanding how some men, and narratives about them, have changed, yet, still unequal power relations of gender persist. In particular, I explore this process within men’s understandings of how they were able to gain and maintain influence and power in the workplace. Through their reflexive reading of the changing shape of late modern Western society, these men believed they were able to craft selves and employ social scripts to produce social power in situational and contingent forms. I argue that it is within this interactional process that the increasingly undermined ideological and material legacy of patriarchy might still be reified. As such, while there is clear evidence highlighting the undermining of men’s ability to assume power, within this paper I theoretically explore how certain men are able to produce pastiche patriarchy at work. 



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