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Combining Data from Brain Imaging and Subjective Experiences: An Innovative Exploration of Metaphor Production

Helen Johnson, Steven Baker, Dianne Catherwood, Graham Edgar, Nigel McLoughlin and Tico Romao

Are you aching to challenge established methodological hierarchies in the social sciences? Have you ever wondered why cognitive neuroscientists don’t just ask their participants what they were thinking?  Do you feel a gap in your life that the words ‘cognitive neurophenomenology’ might just begin to fill?  Do you ever feel that your lunch break would be fuller, richer and more meaningful if you spent it talking about consciousness, art, brain imaging and methodological innovation?  Have you ever wondered how many worker ants have lived and died during the course of a research project?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the presentation for you! While Steven Baker et al lurk in the misty hallows of the University of Gloucestershire, Helen Johnson will be here at Brighton, talking about their joint research project on neurological activity and subjective experiences of metaphor production, and the day she suggested to a room full of cognitive neuropsychologists that they might want to try talking to their participants….
Wednesday 24 Feb 1-2pm Mayfield House M129, Falmer Campus

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