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Trainee teachers run event for Year 7 pupils

Trainee physical education teachers organised a team building event for Gildredge House school as part of their course.

140 Year 7 pupils took part in a series of ice-breaking games, trust games, team building exercises, decision making and problem solving activities throughout the day held on the Eastbourne campus.

A pupil-centred teaching approach through the processes of planning, performing and evaluating is used to develop practical knowledge and understanding. This process based approach focuses on learning from doing, ownership of learning and independent learning.

The aims and objective were to:

  • encourage respect for different national, religious and ethnic identities
  • develop an ability to reflect on issues and take part in discussion
  • to be aware and appreciate diversity that exists in and respect each individual
  • mutual respect and understanding of others
  • resolving conflict fairly
  • use imagination to consider other people’s opinions
  • be able to think about, express and explain views that are not their own
  • negotiate, decide and take responsibility in college community based activities.

PGCE and School Direct Route Leader for Physical Education, Dr Gary Stidder said: “The year 7 pupils had only just started their secondary education and many have come from different primary schools so these types of activities can promote communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal, enhance interaction, break down inhibitions, build trust, co-operation and sharing.

“Most of the activities focus on experiential learning within an affective and social domain and designed to increase working relationships, develop leadership skills, encourage team work, joint decision-making and problem-solving. encourage individuals to work outside ‘safe’ friendship boundaries, develop positive personal and social qualities, all of which is underpinned by the theme of citizenship and social responsibility.”

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Kerry Burnett • September 29, 2022

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