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Stephanie on her placement

Placements were crucial to my growth

Nutrition student Stephanie chats about her latest placement experience and how it has helped her develop.

“Work placements throughout my three years at the University of Brighton have been crucial for my academic growth and to further develop my understanding of public health related practices in-action.

vegpower logo with fruit and veg images“I am currently undertaking a placement ​with Veg Power and Edinburgh Community Food for which we are teaching children how to grow tomato plants.

“The project is called Grow Strong and is aimed to develop an understanding of agriculture and promote the intake of seasonal and local vegetables for the five thousand children currently partaking in the initiative.  

“As someone who is already working in public health, this project has been immensely helpful in graining a better understanding of the stakeholders including ​artwork designers, community groups,  nutritionists and influencers and has provided me with valuable networking opportunities.

“The assessments for my public health modules improved my report-writing and blog writing skills and has improved my ability to effectively evaluate and reflect on my work. 

“I had a very short-time frame to begin my placement with Edinburgh Community Food but with assistance and guidance from my course leader I was able to complete the sign-up process and get started very quickly.

“With only one module left to complete, I can say with confidence that this course has equipped me with a broad range of transferable skills that will benefit me in my career within public health. “

Interested in studying nutrition? Learn more on the University of Brighton website.

Kerry Burnett • June 10, 2022

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