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Ally after the competition

Brighton student bodybuilder stars at major UK championship

University of Brighton student Ally Lantos has come second at the UK women’s championships, setting her up to compete in the world championships in 2022.

Now in the 2nd year of our Nutrition BSc (Hons) course – leading to graduation in Nutrition with Sport and Exercise BSc (Hons) – Ally’s runner-up spot in the Open Bikini class at the UK Drug Free Bodybuilding Association British Championship improved the 4th place she achieved on her debut in 2019. Her success means she has now been invited to represent TeamUK at the World Championships next year.

Ally lifting weightsAlongside her degree study, Ally works as an online fitness coach, and would like to work with elite athletes in the future, from a therapeutic nutrition standpoint. She is particularly keen to help athletes dealing with gastrointestinal disorders or other conditions such as diabetes.

After dancing competitively from the age of 9-15, Ally’s interest in bodybuilding was sparked after she started doing weightlifting. She then changed from strength-based training to purely pursuing training for muscle growth and aesthetics.

Speaking about her studies at Brighton, Ally said: “The course tests my current knowledge and allows me to deepen my understanding on key physiological processes that I undergo throughout my competitive season or ‘off-season’ – the time where the goal is muscle growth. The course also allows me to explore the more holistic side to nutrition which I can apply to my online clients and help them build a more resilient mindset towards dieting.

Ally with two other bodybuilders“Post-graduation I am hoping to gain professional status in bodybuilding. – I have an opportunity to do so in 2022, so it may even happen before I graduate!”

Ally also holds strong views about perceptions of her sport. “I’m aware that this sport can get bad press because it is widely misunderstood. I definitely think bodybuilding instils mental strength in you as well as physical. Competition prep and the off-season training requires a lot of discipline.

“I love that bodybuilding defies the social norms around women and how we are ‘supposed’ to be. Lifting weights is incredibly empowering but my sport still requires a feminine look which again challenges social norms and shows that you can be strong/lift weights without looking masculine.”

YouTube channel: Ally Lantos

Instagram: ally.lantos

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Kerry Burnett • November 2, 2021

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