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The Olympics lab experience

We were delighted to welcome pupils from Langney Primary Academy to the sport and exercise science laboratories on the Eastbourne campus.

The langney Primary academy logoThe year 6 pupils were school sports scholars and took part in a Tokyo 2021 lab Olympics – getting involved in activities that athletes will experience for real when the games start in less than three weeks.

Dr Mark Hayes demonstrated the conditions athletes taking part in the marathon are likely to endure. Using the university’s environmental chamber the pupils were able to experience exercising in temperatures of 30°C and 77% humidity.

Dr Jake Butterworth took the pupils through their paces by showing them how top Olympic track cyclists produce power to drive them round the track at speeds of 50 mph. Pupils had a chance to see how much power they could generate and which household appliances they could power up with their legs!

Dr Nick Smeeton showed the pupils how football goalkeepers in the tournament are able to save penalties. Using our state of the art immersive simulator the pupils were able to step into the goalkeepers boots and see how many virtual penalties they could save. They also used the eye-movement system to understand how goalkeepers pick up the movements of the penalty kick taker to help them learn to anticipate the direction of the kick.

Dr Nick Smeeton said, “We are delighted to be hosting schools again in our labs. It has been a long time since we’ve had pupils here and it’s great to see the children enjoying themselves so much.”

School sport and exercise science lab visits will restart in September – please contact for more information.

Kerry Burnett • July 5, 2021

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