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Black Lives Matter

Our physical education trainee teachers marked Black History Month by acknowledging the Black Lives Matter campaign.

Through a series of values-based practical activities, the University of Brighton’s pioneering and ground-breaking Football 4 Peace International curriculum and methodology was applied in order to emphasise how physical education lessons can be used to teach the values of trust, respect, responsibility, equality and inclusion so that pupils have a greater appreciation of diversity in society.

Football 4 Peace celebrates its 20th anniversary next August since its beginnings in Israel and Palestine in 2001; it now operates in Northern Ireland, The Gambia, Colombia and South Korea.

Principal lecturer and Football 4 Peace Co-founder Dr Gary Stidder said: “Physical Education is about ‘education’.

“Teachers of physical education can apply tried and tested pedagogical models such as the Football 4 Peace International methodology to teach pupils in schools the importance of respecting difference in society and taking responsibility for their actions and actions of others requiring mutual aid and self-sacrifice.

“Learning in the affective and social domains in physical education are an integral part of the learning process within which pupils acquire certain values, attitudes and behaviours. Values-based education can therefore promote pupils awareness, understanding and appreciation of social justice, fairness and human rights in order to become responsible citizens and promote respect for diversity and difference in society.”

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Kerry Burnett • November 3, 2020

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