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Socially distanced team building and problem solving

This years cohort of PGCE and School Direct Physical Education trainee teachers came together in two separate groups at the start of their teacher training course to take part in a series of socially-distanced team-building exercises following Covid-secure regulations.

The exercises were designed to develop group dynamics and working relationships and consisted of a series of ice-breaking activities, followed by activities in small groups to help develop trust and responsibility. Personal and individual face coverings were used as alternatives to blindfolds.

The trainees also took part in a number of larger group activities designed to promote problem solving and decision making using minimal equipment.

Dr Gary Stidder, PGCE and School Direct Physical Education Route Leader, said: “Physical education is about education – that’s why we call it physical education. Team work,  communication and leadership are an essential part of life along with problem solving and joint decision-making.

“Part of the process was to show our trainees how to teach these activities with little or no equipment; but also to ensure that Covid-secure protocols are followed such as using hand sanitiser before and after the sessions, maintaining social distancing and ensure that the equipment was thoroughly cleaned.

“The practical activities, that can be used with young people in schools, have been designed to promote the very things which can help to bring young people together and promote lifelong transferable skills such as team work, communication skills and building positive relationships with their peers.”

  • students in the gym during the session

Kerry Burnett • September 16, 2020

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