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Andria inside a sports stadium

Sports PR guest lecture

Sport Management BSc students had a guest lecture from PR and Media Operations specialist Andria Rudy just before the lockdown.

Andria has over 20 years’ experience working in elite sport and global sporting events including at multiple Olympic games, Formula 1 Jackie Stewart Team, FIFA World Cup, Commonwealth Games and more local events including the Brighton and Hove Triathlon.

Andria’s lecture was on the role of PR in sport. This included a discussion on how to write a good press release and students were tasked with analysing a pre-written one. The students then split into groups to create a PR strategy for promoting the Dubrovnik Triathlon.

Andria said: “I was slightly anxious about keeping 20 somethings occupied for three hours but once I started, I absolutely loved it. It’s actually amazing how much you learn in 20 years in the business.”

Principal Lecturer Adam Jones said: “Gaining up to date insight from professionals working in the sports industry is invaluable for our students and an important part of the course.

“The students really enjoyed the session. It helped them to understand the role of PR in sports events but also the exciting career opportunities it can bring.”

Kerry Burnett • April 30, 2020

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