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Values-based teaching and learning in Physical Education

The university’s PGCE and School Direct trainee physical education teachers were introduced to values-based teaching and learning as part of their university-based studies.

The students worked with 70 year seven pupils from Hayesbrook School in Kent and applied the Football for Peace (F4P) methodology through a series of physical activities aimed to promote values such as equity and inclusion, respect, trust, and responsibility.  The trainees also focused on an holistic approach to the teaching of young people through a specific pedagogical model designed to promote emotional well-being, personal development and responsible citizenship.

Co-Founder and Deputy Director of Football 4 Peace, Dr Gary Stidder said: “The key emphasis of the values-based model is the teaching and practical application of core values. This approach to teaching physical education is designed to be flexible and can be used to help resolve conflict, promote community reconciliation, develop inter-personal skills, build cultural bridges and develop positive relationships among young people.

“The learning processes are essentially practical, enquiry-based and pupil-orientated and a powerful vehicle through which to address objectives in physical, personal and social education. A variety of physical activities, chiefly non-competitive, which offer alternate avenues for pupil achievement and attainment are part of the methodology.

The methodology focuses on preparing young people to meet any challenges they may face in life as well help them to form positive relationships both in and out of the school environment.”

Kerry Burnett • November 6, 2019

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