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West Ham FC internship

Sport and Exercise Science BSc student Arjun Dosa has taken up an opportunity to spend a year with West Ham United Football Club.

Arjun started the role in July and is taking a year away from his course, returning to complete his degree in September 2020.

Arjun is keen to pursue a career in performance analysis and the hands-on experience he will gain from the internship, alongside his degree, will help achieve this. Throughout the internship he will gain guidance from experts in this field.

Arjun told us how the opportunity came about and what he’ll be working on during his year:

“I was browsing on the web and came onto the website called the video analyst and saw the role.

“I didn’t expect to get the internship however thought I might as well apply for the role and see what would happen.

Arjun with snow in the background“At interview they wanted to know my previous experiences relating to the role (performance analysis) and wanted to understand my personality and drive by giving me scenarios like ‘How motivated would you be getting up at 9am in the rain to help the team in any way possible?’

“After the interview they seemed very happy with me and I had a feeling that I would get the job. I did and also applied and got a Crystal Palace FC internship role through the same website however the West Ham one was more appealing for me.

“I started in July, just before pre-season, to understand the role better before the football season started as it does get very busy. I have been allocated to the Recruitment and Scouting Department as well as being involved in performance analysis. I currently assist Pre-Academy (Under 7’s – under 8’s) in relation to performance analysis. Being in the department means I am also developing my knowledge in football as a scout and improving my communication skills by watching (scouting) games and speaking to players, agents and parents. From time to time, I will also assist the under 16’s, under 18’s and under 23’s teams in relation.

“During the year I will learn new skills and knowledge within the performance analysis aspect within football – learning new software, sports code etc. I’ll understand what is needed from an employee to work at an elite club in the football industry and explore different departments, such as the sports science department, to give me a wide variety of job opportunities after my degree.

“Internships like this are a fantastic opportunity to give you an idea into what you want to do as a career after university. It makes you understand the working environment and it also helps you to build contacts with people already in the industry.”

We wish you a successful year Arjun and look forward to welcoming you back for the final year of your course.