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Managing the impacts of tourism

The students inside the pavilion in front of their many Christmas treesFirst year International Tourism Management BA(Hons) students recently visited the Royal Pavilion in Brighton to learn about how the attraction manages the impacts caused by visitors to the property. The trip was organized by their Impacts of Tourism module leader Dr Nigel Jarvis.

The students had a 90-minute detailed guided tour led by Nick Kay, Conservation Assistant. Students learnt about the fine balancing act the Pavilion takes as they need to maximize revenue from tourists but at the same time limit the negative effects they cause on the former royal residence of George IV.

Student Arshia said: ” I learnt about how fingerprints on copper causes problems, how chewing gum and general foot traffic damages the carpets, tourists’ handbags can bang against doors, and some visitors may steal objects.

Sarah said “I didn’t realise how damaging tourism impacts can be from leaning against walls to touching surfaces…The maintenance of a historical building is difficult enough, let alone the cost of repairing damages, it must be extraordinary and almost impossible or futile.”

Another student commented: “It was the first guided trip ever that wasn’t boring!”

Kerry Burnett • December 19, 2018

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