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the colourful Imaginarium branding

Welcome to the Imaginarium!

the colourful Imaginarium brandingStudents at the School of Sport and Service Management have access to a few facility – the Imaginarium.

The Imaginarium is a start-up and entrepreneurial unit where students can develop and build their own business ideas. It is linked up to nine study modules, with more to follow, offering the possibility of also gaining credits for getting involved.

The space is available for students to book and equipment includes a PC, MAC colour printer, 3D printer, stationery and phone line.  But more than just a space, mentorship and support is also offered from a number of academics who are active in industry and run their own consultancies and businesses.

The Imaginarium is externally funded and has teamed up with the university’s Beepurple to offer additional mentoring.

Dr Ioannis S Pantelidis said of the Imaginarium: “We are thrilled to be able to offer this exciting opportunity to all students within the school. Many of our graduates now have their own successful businesses and we hope that the Imaginarium will inspire many more to join them.”

smiling photo of Luke and Lucy from Beepurple and Ioannis

Left to right: Luke Mitchell and Clare Griffiths from Beepurple and Dr Ioannis Pantelidis


Kerry Burnett • October 4, 2018

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