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Dodgeball event provides insider knowledge

During their first year, students studying on the Sport Business Management BSc(Hons) design, develop, run and evaluate a sport event for a client. To help prepare them for the task, and provide inspiration, students took part in a dodgeball event.

Student Eeva Liimola reports:

“As a part of University of Brighton’s Parklife programme, we were invited to take part in their dodgeball session held in the Eastbourne campus sports centre. The event gave a great opportunity to bond with fellow students and learn how to play dodgeball however, the main point of the session was to evaluate how to run a sporting event and evaluate how, if in any way, it could be improved in the future.

“The information received about the session was well presented and the booking process was fairly easy. Mike Fisher, who run the sessions, gave a brief outline of what Parklife is about and how to get involved in it before the actual games started. After that Mike told the basic rules of the game and the students were divided into three groups.

“There were four rounds of playing with the rules changing every time making it more challenging step by step. At the end it was every man/lady for himself/herself, making it even more competitive and exciting. After the event, students were encouraged to fill out an evaluation form electronically to help develop future Parklife student events.

“Module leader, Adam Jones, closed the session by emphasising the link between running a real live sport event and the employability skills being developed. These include organisation, team work and working to a client brief – all valuable skills for our second-year placements.

“In all, the event was very enjoyable and well organised, and a good chance to get an insight on how to run a sporting event and what there is to do before, during and after!”

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Kerry Burnett • February 27, 2018

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